Ep. 16: Fun with Lightning

In this scien-TASTIC episode, Kate and Brent talk about getting struck by lightning and the effects such a thing could have on the body. Kate gives Brent a test to see if he’s a psychopath. They talk about Edward Mordake, who inspired a song by Tom Waits. Kate shares a BRAND NEW hot dog recipe and tells a story about her old neighbor Jessica, whose brother was a scamming sociopath… Jessica and her brother engaged in a battle of wits that only ONE could win… and to the victor would go Jessica’s social security check! Brent gets to the shocking truth of whether or not you can remember being in the womb (spoiler: you can’t), and he also tells us about some recent efforts to mess with his close friends and family in odd and pointless ways. Plus lots more!

Later, Kate yells at Brent for talking about ovipositors, even though he was referring to actual biological stuff, not weird sex toys.