Ep. 22 Halloween 2020

In this episode, we discuss Halloween and Christmas (with some juicy gossip about Santa’s time belt). Brent recaps the Packers’ historic win over the Texans. Kate lays out her entire counterfeiting operation in a stunning tell-all that I might cut from the episode. Brent gives a shout out to superstar digital artist Matt Wajek (LINK). But before any of that, there was a discussion about lampreys and how best to enjoy them on a breakfast plate. Some stuff about polar bears, I guess.  And everyone’s favorite holiday pal, Krampus. Kate wishes death on an listener’s elderly grandmother.

There’s a little talk about the future of the podcast. Mainly, Kate and Brent are taking a break to get some book writing did. They will be back in 2021, baby bird, don’t even trip.

Kate and Brent want to thank our One Listener (you!) for checking in with us when you did. We have a lot of fun chatting, and it seems like you’re having a good time listening to us. We look forward to bringing you more pointless banter, trivial information, fake sponsors, sports recaps, and Awesome Guests in the very near future!

Real Talk from Brent: My niece Jayna was tragically taken from us in 2018. It took some time, but her Memorial Foundation is up and running. If you had a few bucks you could spare, I promise they’ll be used to make the world a better place in Jayna’s name. She was a devoted Girl Scout, and making the world a better place was all she ever wanted to do. The Jayna Kelley Memorial Foundation is continuing that work, thanks to help from awesome people like you. [several large heart emojis] Click here to visit the Jayna Kelley Memorial Foundation to learn more about helping Jayna make the world a better place!



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